Planned “Carthage”: the published correspondence between the organizers of the rally under the Rada

The protest, which the second day continues near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Central Kiev, was carefully planned by the Ukrainian parties.

The video, which recorded, as the people’s Deputy from “Freedoms” Andrey Ilyenko viewing a chat called “Carthage” on my phone, took the journalist Andrey Dzindzya, write “Letters”.

According to the publication, in the chat organizers of protest actions under the Verkhovna Rada and coordinate their actions and discuss certain details.

In particular, as deciphered journalists, the coordinator of the public movement “Honestly” Mykola Vyhovsky complains that “I do not see options like vtulit in madrepora our demands now.”

“If we have allowed consideration… logical position,” he said, later asking the agenda for Thursday, October 19.

“On Thursday in the agenda and election integrity?” – asks vygovskyy.

At the same time from the correspondence it is clear that each party has led the people on a predetermined place in the Parliament. For example, the representative of the “Movement of new forces” Mikheil Saakashvili Olha halabala explain to someone the place where you can find their “supporters”: “Hrushevsky. The Point Of Automaidan. How to look at the main entrance with Hrushevsky left,” she writes.

In addition, the publication found in the correspondence explanation for the fact that the organizers of the “let the people” from the Parliament until Thursday.

“Today motivate a large number of people that they are standing day and night until Thursday evening is unlikely. Such realities. Perhaps I should give people to relax and think about the collection on Thursday,” – said the leader of “Civic stand” Anatoly Gritsenko.

In turn, the Executive Director of public organization “UA” Center, coordinator of the public movement “Honestly” ina Borzillo proposed to split the headquarters until Thursday.

“You need to break… the headquarters of the organizers until Thursday and to call people to come on Thursday. Did someone issued order for tomorrow or Thursday?” she asks in the chat.

In addition, according to the publication, in chat “lit up” the people’s Deputy from Petro Poroshenko’s Block Svitlana zalishchuk, and read the correspondence, during the session of the Verkhovna Rada was seen by the people’s Deputy from Bo “Freedom” Mikhail Golovko.

“It is surprising the name of the im group, “Carthage”. “Patriots” of Ukraine call their chat foreign word instead of something like Patriotic or anti-corruption. Most likely, it is the connotation with the famous winged Latin expression “Carthage must be destroyed”, – concluded edition.

We will remind, on October 17, in Kiev representatives of different political parties protest outside the Verkhovna Rada for political reforms. The government quarter was blocked by police officers, between them and the demonstrators from time to time there were skirmishes.

Protesters demand changes to election law, removal of parliamentary immunity and the creation of an anti-corruption court. In the evening, the demonstrators dispersed, but near the Verkhovna Rada left the tent with the “organizing Committee” meeting.

Organizers of meeting declare that their action was successful , and we encourage our supporters to continue its Thursday, October 19.