The protesters under the Rada had a fight with a police, law enforcement officers used tear gas

Near the tent camp, under the Verkhovna Rada there was a scuffle between protesters and police.

As the correspondent of TSN, the protesters used against the police stick and law enforcement officers released tear gas.

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Planned “Carthage”: the published correspondence between the organizers of the rally under the Rada

Version protesters, militiamen broke into one of the tents and tried to seize their property, because of this and the riots took place.

After a few minutes the battle stopped, detained eight activists – they were put in a paddy wagon. But vehicles are not allowed to pass the picket participants, in particular, the car became the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko. After a few minutes, a police van went to the other side, where no protesters.

As of 17:45 the situation is tense, but no physical confrontations.

Videoprefilters quarter crowded with protesters who demand political reforms

TSN. 16:45

Yesterday, 17:03

Recall, 17 July in Kiev representatives of different political parties protest outside the Verkhovna Rada for political reforms. The government quarter was blocked by police officers, between them and the demonstrators from time to time there were skirmishes.

Protesters demand changes to election law, removal of parliamentary immunity and the creation of an anti-corruption court. In the evening, the demonstrators dispersed, but near the Verkhovna Rada left the tent with the “organizing Committee” meeting.

Organizers of meeting declare that their action was successful , and we encourage our supporters to continue its Thursday, October 19.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Romanyuk