A recording of the conversation on camera and the prohibition of communication in the Ukrainian language: the Consul met with the detainees Mushroom in a Russian prison

The Ukrainian Consul was found in the Krasnodar remand prison abducted in Belarus, the Russian special services citizen of Ukraine Pavel Mushroom.

This was stated by the Director of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Serhiy Pogoreltsev, – writes “Ukrainian truth”.

The meeting took place under the supervision of a staff of penitentiary institutions, and fixation of the conversation on video.

This was the second meeting of the Ukrainian consuls with the Mushroom. Like last time, they were forbidden to communicate in the Ukrainian language and to discuss the progress of the investigation.

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TSN. 16:45

19 Oct, 17:39

“The conditions of detention in jail is satisfactory, it has the ability to be in the fresh air twice a day it examines the health care provider and gets the medications,” said fire Victims.

The fungus has complained that some of the medications he is bad. Also the guy told me that is not often seen with the investigator and attorney.

The consuls gave him warm clothes from his father and also purchased in shops on the territory of the prison food, who asked Paul.

Earlier it was reported that a detainee is in the Krasnodar prison Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom did not let Ukrainian doctors, who went to Russia. As told to TSN Paul’s father Igor Grib, Russia refuses to explain the reasons for the refusal.

The guy from childhood has a disability, therefore, no need of medicines may end fatally for him.

We will remind, the Fungus disappeared in September in the Belarusian Gomel: according to his parents, he was detained by the FSB. In Belarus he left on August 24 to meet up with a girl who lives in Russia, whom he met through the Internet. 17-year-old resident of the city of Sochi in an interview with TSN admittedthat actually invited a guy in Belarus. Forced her to do it the FSB of Russia, because she is also under investigation.

The police of the city of Gomel father reported that his son was wanted for terrorist activities. On 7 September it became known that the Fungus is in jail in the Russian city of Krasnodar. The court arrested the Mushroom. Lawyer Andrei Sabinin said that the guy charged under article 205.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Assistance of terrorist activity”).