Afraid of Ukrainian patriots: the foreign Ministry is outraged by a “court” over Balham in the occupied Crimea

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry is protesting against the decision of “the court” in the Russian-occupied Crimea, which extended the arrest of the activist Vladimir Baloga.

About it the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry Marian Betz said on Twitter.

“Illegal court illegal decision. Afraid of the occupation authorities, the Ukrainian patriots. We Express our protest and demand the release of Baluchi” she said.

“The court“ of the Crimea left the custody of Baluja till 16 Jan 2018.

The trial of activist on the merits is scheduled for November 7.

Illegal court illegal decision.Afraid of the CMO, the power of Ukrainian patriots.We Express our protest and demand the release of V. Baloha

— Mariana Betsa (@Mariana_Betsa) 24 Oct 2017

Videoexchange the court decided to re-investigate the case against the farmer Vladimir Baloga

TSN. Wounds

3 Oct, 08:55

As previously reported, in early October, the self-proclaimed “Supreme court of the Crimea overturned the conviction of Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluku previously sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, and sent the case for re-investigation.