The cordon around the hospital and a metal ball in the brain: the status of victims in the Kiev attack heavy

The condition of three injured in yesterday’s explosion in Kiev serious but stable. Affected political analyst Vitaly Bala and random woman are in public hospitals, and people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk treated in a private clinic, says the story TSN.19:30.

Immediately after the explosion, the scientist of the Ball and another man brought in 17-th city hospital in Pechersk. The second condition was severe. “It saved all possible modern means, I can guarantee. But not always, unfortunately, doctors can overcome these injuries”, – said head of the Department of polytrauma Dmitry Myasnikov.

Videobruce told about the condition of the victims of the explosion near the TV channel “Espreso”

TSN. 19:30

Today, 19:50

The dead will be 36-year-old Michael Mormul, a former police officer. After leaving the Ministry he worked as a private lawyer and lived in the house, where the TV channel “espresso”. Political analyst Vitaly Bala was with Mosiychuk a guest Studio. According to the testimony of his colleagues, he has damaged lungs, and liver. Specific diagnosis relatives kept secret. “The condition is stable heavy. Relatives in writing is strictly forbidden to provide any information regarding the status of the victim,” explained the doctor.

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Injured during the attack in Kiev Mosiychuk was transferred to another hospital

The people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk to a private clinic immediately took his driver – there the victim was in surgery for about three hours and learned a lot of pieces. Doctors say that the policy is heavy, and after a few weeks back will need to operate. “More affected limbs, soft tissue, bone fracture open, a very large wound of the right thigh. Is injured occipital soft tissue, brain,” – said the head of the hospital Igor Konevec. Night private hospital, where the MP was surrounded by the police. In the morning the cordon was removed, but near the chamber staffed by employees of the SBU.

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The status of all the victims of the explosion in Kiev remains heavy

Meanwhile, passers-by after the explosion at Solomenka was taken to the emergency hospital, she had severe injuries to the head. “Wounds of the head with injury of bones, shells and substances of the brain. It took a very long and complicated neurosurgical operation”, – said the head of the resuscitation Department emergency hospital Igor Baby. Doctors removed from the head of the metal ball – it was right in the brain. Now 56-year-old Nadezhda Tarasenko in consciousness, but keeping her in intensive care.

The TSN reporter Dmitry Furdak

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