The military decided to regain control over part of territory from “Bakhmutka”

Of truce and silence have not noticed the military of the 58th mechanized infantry brigade, which keep the defense around bakhmutka. The military said that the enemy usually aktiviziruyutsya in the middle of each month, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“I don’t know that we now have a truce – we have here no such. They are on the truce – the drum!”, – recognized Mat soldier with the Callsign “Hottabych”. Supports his sister by the nickname “hammer”. “Separable salary is somewhere in the middle of the month. These days begin such a hot fire. The impression that I just want to decrease the funding – just send separable to the slaughter,” he says.

Video surveillance Luhansk region fighters fill their positions with concrete and try to approach the soldiers APU

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:56

In some places the line of demarcation is virtually no opponents are on both sides of the track and at this distance can have hand grenades. The invaders clung to their positions strongly and reinforce them, because in case of loss will be in the lowlands and be forced to rollback up to Alchevsk. “We are seeing how they are preparing for the defense. Deep” – says a soldier with a pseudo “gadfly”.

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The militants are trying to occupy the “gray area” near Shirokino – military

Therefore, to demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions, the militants on this front ammunition have no regrets. Night sometimes uninvited guests are trying to approach the positions of the APU. To pacify the invaders and to force them not to do the new nonsense, the Marines came up with a plan for the arrangement of the new positions that would have made it impossible for the enemy approaches DRG. “If we’re entrenched, we’ll take control of the state a mile of territory is our territory for the Minsk agreements. We just set the control”, – says the fighter with a call sign “canoe”.

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