The new version of the explosion in Kiev: the target could not be Mosiychuk, a former policeman

The attackers weren’t targeting Deputy Mosiychuk and Michael Mormile, a consequence of which qualifies as a passerby. So according to some friends of a former militiaman, who at the time of the explosion was closest to MachineName scooter with explosives, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Ruslan – policeman and a friend of the deceased Michael now works as a detective. According to him, triggering explosives at the moment when the next pass Mormile, is the first proof that was aiming at him. “The Deputy went in the opposite direction. Question: what to put the moped so far, if it was directed at the MP” asks Ruslan Bolgov.

Videostrip in front of “Espreso” could be attempted murder of the Lieutenant Colonel of militia

TSN. 19:30

Today, 19:48

He says that the past two years, Mormile had disputes with his former employer – Michael’s not certified in the new police force and resigned. In 2009, during the performance of official duties, he got in an accident and was seriously injured. The payment received was to be tried. After his release he practiced law, money is not brought, but the enemies could appear. When was the last time you saw Michael, he said that he was being watched. “He was under surveillance, that he really worried about his life. He had the notion that his pasture-some people get it rechecked. As far as I know, I even calculated the plate, who watched him – guys previously convicted him grazed,” says the detective.

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Forensic expert Anna Painter was one of the first noticed features of the explosion and the place where it was parked the motorbike with explosives. “If we’re talking about the moped, hoping that someone will pass by and it is necessary to neutralize that person who passed by. In this case, definitely say who was blast, hard,” she explained. The official investigation version of the assassination that is on Mormile also not rejected. “He died with a former employee of the police. He was going, according to the investigation, home, but he was in the epicenter of the explosion. The investigation is considering all versions”, – assured the Chairman Nacpac Sergey Knyazev.

Never heard about the threat and does not believe in the version of the assassination that is on Michael , his former colleague and lawyer Dmitry Bugay. He says that no history of accidents and payment of compensation, nor the current activities of his companions could not lead to such consequences. “In any business, for which he would revenge, but did not participate – he never approached such people. Never been, and it is not interesting for anybody in this regard. He was a very decent man, again, lived on a salary,” says a friend of the deceased.

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Do not believe in premeditated murder Michael and his brother Alexander. “Watch the video – you’ll see. It is in this time out of the house came out, he, his bodyguard and the television. There you can see everything clearly,” he says.

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In solidarity with the brother of the victim and the MP Mosiychuk. “All versions that is not associated with Mosiychuk, but with someone else – this is nonsense”, – the politician.

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Lately Michael Mormile care for a sick grandfather in Cherkasy region. In the house, near which the explosion occurred, lived – arrived on mom’s birthday. The man died on the eve of the feast, his body still in the morgue. Bury Lieutenant Colonel of the interior Ministry, most likely, on Saturday. To help the family of a former policeman and everyone can – Bank transfer to the PrivatBank card 4149 4991 0476 5894. The recipient will be Mormile Galina Petrovna.

The TSN reporter Ivan Vorobyov

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