The OSCE reported about the next Russian “Humanos” for Donbass

Russia has sent another “humanitarian convoy” in the occupied part of Donbass.

About this in his report informed the special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

Videoasia sent seventies “humanitarian” convoy to Donbass

TSN. 16:45

Yesterday, 17:47

The mission observed the arrival of Russian “humanitarian convoy” at 6:55 am on Thursday, October 26. The convoy consisted of 12 trucks and five support vehicles belonging to the Russian Ministry of emergency situations.

The car drove through the checkpoint “Donetsk”, all trucks had the inscription “Humanitarian aid from Russian Federation”.

Russian guards with dogs checked the trucks. “Humanos” is also visually inspected three Ukrainian border guards and two customs officers, which is constantly accompanied by men in camouflage. Trucks from “humanitarian” convoy returned to Russia on the same day in 14.18.

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According to the Russian side, it was the 70th convoy which she sent to the Donbass. The OSCE counted 68 “gumkonvoi”.

Earlier, the Russian Agency RBC with reference to sources in the government of the Russian Federation announced the intention of the Kremlin to abandon the “humanitarian support to individual territories” in favor of financing projects in the Crimea and Kaliningrad. Under the “separate territories” refers to the Donbass, say the sources. However, sources in the state Duma and the government emphasize that, even if the government decided to stop spending on “humanitarian support” to the Donbas, this does not mean that financial support for the breakaway republics will cease.

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