Matios shocked by the numbers of non-combat losses in the ATO in the three years

2014 non-combat losses of the Ukrainian military in the Donbas amounted to more than 10 thousand soldiers. This was stated by the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

“I want to sound scary statistics about which nobody speaks. Since 2014 until today the Armed forces of Ukraine and other departments that protect the country killed 10 thousand 103 people in a result of irrevocable and sanitary loss, that is, not from the fighting,” he said in an interview with Zik.

Matios said that two full brigades were killed in the result of the fact that you have not performed military statutes and the crimes committed against each other.

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“Killed people who were highly motivated patriots. The army, when not getting the right team and skills of those actions that occur in the state, is in a stupor, especially as the army was demoralized and virtually destroyed by the previous government,” – said the military Prosecutor.

According to him, PTSD suffer 360 thousand members of the Volunteers.

Earlier the interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that from the beginning of the fighting in the Donbass about 500 Ukrainian servicemen had committed suicide after returning from the zone ATO.

Officially, the status of combatants have 280 thousand Ukrainians, which is about 0.7% of the population of the country.

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