Paruby called Euronest strengthen sanctions against Russia

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy urges the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly to reinforce sanctions against Russia.

He stated this during a meeting with the Bureau members of the Euronest parliamentary Assembly on Monday in Kiev, reports the press service of the Parliament.

“It must be particularly important to the understanding of solidarity in response to the challenges. Putin must be stopped – it will guarantee guarantee the security and well-being. But any flirting with the aggressor will be interpreted as encouragement to new aggression. Therefore, toughening of sanctions and, most importantly, solidarity and joint position”, – said Parubiy.

In turn, the co-chair of the Euronest PA, Marian Lupu, assured of the full support of Ukraine by every country that is a member of this organization. He also said that “it is deeply symbolic of the fact that the session of the Euronest parliamentary Assembly takes place in Ukraine.”

Video settings black list of the us sanctions may hit Russian intelligence and defense industry

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October 27, 17:35

“It’s a sign of solidarity with Ukraine in support of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. We know what separatism and military action. You have full support from us to each country within our organization. We have the same objectives and the same goal – you can count on us”, – he stressed.

The US state Department has published a list of Russian companies and organizations in respect of which Washington is going to impose sanctions.

In this list of 39 companies and organizations, and it coincides with the fact that the previous day was published in the New York Times.

The sanctions prompted to enter against the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, the Main intelligence Directorate, the foreign intelligence Service.

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