Ukraine resumes control of Shyrokyne, which was closed to civilian

In the villages of Shirokino and Berdyansk in the Donetsk region according to the presidential order will earn military-civilian administration. This means that there will return the power and coming people, will depend on the intensity of the shelling, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Now Shirokino de facto erased the Russian army from the face of the earth town, where long ago no one lives. Moreover, a civilian was denied entry in Shirokino due to the constant shelling – it was almost the only such settlement in the area of ATO, which were forbidden to return to local residents. Colonel Vyacheslav Raevskiy said that when people wanted or pick up your things, or to have at least a photo of your yard, they appealed to members of the civil-military cooperation. In his opinion, the need for the intermediary between the army and civilians is long overdue. “They hung in the air. Moreover, the village Council Shirokino destroyed. Fortunately, in Volnovakha removed from the archive and a little bit of the business was. If they need some help from the local village Council, they can’t do that,” said the officer.

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Poroshenko instructed to create a civil-military administration in Shirokino and Berdyansk

Such administration is, in Zaitseve and Avdeevka, and there is a local left to live, although the situation in the area not less intense.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

Video settings Shirokino and Berdyansk Donetsk region will earn military-civil administration

TSN. 19:30

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