In the US, the man pretended to be sick to originally make a proposal to your-nurse

The Ministry originally made an offer of his beloved nurse, before her highly alarming.

Joseph Elkins pretended that he is a patient of the clinic, where his girl, and he’s breathing disorders, writes Daily Mail.

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The girl runs into the hospital room and realizes that the couch is her lover.

“Oh My God! Don’t do me like that” – sighs the woman, when he realizes that the man is healthy.

Then Joseph gets up on one knee and recognized favorite. She answers “Yes” to the applause of the hospital staff.

Earlier, an unusual recognition in the American Alabama became an Internet hit. The man decided to surprise the favorite and offered her his hand and heart at the time of the alleged arrest. The American asked militiamen to help him to play the bride. The man told sweetheart that he is wanted and will delay the cops. The police played along so well that the bride believed him and even tried to protect a loved one.

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