Sitnic said the reason why the SBU detained the detectives NAB in the case of corruption in the migration service

The investigation of the National anti-corruption Bureau for investigation of bribery at the State migration service is actually discontinued.

This was after a meeting with the attorney-General said the head of the NABOO Sytnyk.

According to him, the operation against members of the GMS lasted from the spring of 2017. “A lot of investigative actions have been documented, but yesterday everything stopped. The attorney General said that the detainees are not in custody. To ensure that the investigation took place objectively – we can’t give more information,” he said.

According to him, the actions of the defendants in the case have been documented, but until the investigation will be conducted. “The operation is, unfortunately, suspended. All of the collected facts we will give the rating”, – said the head of the Bureau.

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Sytnik added that the arrest of the detectives NAB SBU according to the relevant sanctions of the GPU associated with the lack of information. “We exchanged information. People had only the statement of one of the official GMS. The attorney General also was not at all aware”, he said.

In turn, the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky refused to announce any details of the events on 29 November, citing the secrecy of the investigation.

November 29 it became known about detention of the agent of NABOO by the SBU, which had received permission from the GPO. We are talking about the transfer of 15 thousand dollars Dina Emahool, first Deputy Chairman of the State migration service. The SMS said that “for several months, agent of NABU, the son of former people’s Deputy from Party of regions Yury Boyarsky, executing illegal instructions of individual heads of NABOO, repeatedly tried to provoke Dean Pimanova, offering large bribes for acceptance of illegal decisions on legalization in Ukraine citizens of Vietnam and Iran, which did not even exist in reality.”

To NAB the actions of the SBU and the GPU is called “diversion”. According to the report, the essence of “sabotage” is that officials of the SBU, allegedly using information that became known to them in the course of execution of official duties (implementation of listening of telephone numbers within the framework of investigations of NABOO) “not just disclose this information to one of the objects of secret investigative actions, undoing six-month detectives NABOO, but was recruited this person for further illegal pressure and criminal prosecution of employees of the National Bureau”.

Videoagency NABOO were detained while trying to bribe an official of the State migration service

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November 30, 10:23

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