Social workers took the father of 8-year-old boy who was afraid of the whole school

8-year-old boy Arthur, who terrorized the Metropolitan school, took the father, according to TSN.16:45.

The boy came the social workers and took him to rehab. The decision on the withdrawal of the child adopted by the special Commission. To transfer to another school Arthur can’t.

“So it’s a complicated situation and we are going in circles. At the moment we can’t legally transfer it to another school and it does not solve the problem – he comes to another team and will have the same problems,” – said the Deputy Chairman of Desna rayon state administration in Kyiv Irina Alekseenko.

Video8-year-old boy who terrorized an entire Metropolitan school still took the father

TSN. 16:45

29 Nov, 17:37

On the eve of TSN told me how teachers can’t handle an aggressive child and even suffer physical violence. His classmates already a week going to school because their parents fear for their children’s lives. Teachers suspect that the reason for this Arthur may be the violence in his own family. That the boy suffers at the hands of the father, TSN told different people, but no statement to the police there.

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