In “DNR” announced agreement in Minsk lists on the exchange of prisoners

The trilateral contact group in Minsk agreed on lists of prisoners to be exchanged.

About it report “news of Donbass” with reference to the representative of group “DNR” Victoria Talakin in the sub-group on humanitarian issues.

Videotechnology contact group was able to negotiate the exchange of prisoners

TSN. 16:45

30 Nov, 17:21

“Today we can speak about the presence of the approved lists of persons subject to the exchange,” she said.

According to her, the exchange of prisoners should take place in the near future. Date and place of the exchange “will be agreed upon after the settlement of procedural issues.”

We will remind, on December 5 in Minsk held a regular meeting of the Tripartite contact group on settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. The special representative of the OSCE TKG Martin Zaydik said that at the talks in Minsk did not set a date for the exchange of hostages between Ukraine and ORDO.

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