Military at their own expense to feed the villagers and repairing homes in the liberated Travneve

The village Travneve in a gray area, which was occupied by Ukrainian troops, gets help from soldiers, but residents complain they have chosen rural power. Officials for the first time since 2014 arrived to their constituents, according to a story TSN.19:30.

From people once they heard the reproach: “You left us”. Officials explained that couldn’t get through the checkpoints “DNR”, but now lives in the village will improve. The villagers complain that sit without light, without water, no hospital and no store. Still the question of the supply of products or materials to resume broken shelling of houses was decided by the military. But patience is exhausted and at the army because they are forced to do everything at their own expense – the local authority does not give money, Recalling the difficult process of obtaining them from the budget.

Videotitle exempted village Travneve in the area of ATO complain about the indifference of officials

TSN. 19:30

5 Dec, 20:35

At the village meeting, the chief engineer can’t even promise when repairers will start work, because they need the silence. In the village lived a little more than 50 people, the only earnings which is in the neighboring Novolugansk on a private pig farm. Get there any way they can. Because pigs, unlike humans, though, the light in the room is.

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Reuters showed a photo of the liberated from terrorists Travneve

As reported, the soldiers of the 54th brigade celebrated the third anniversary of its fighting formation of liberation Travneve and Mladosovice. Local residents are not protesting, but not everybody is happy with the change, because waiting for further development of their lives. Officer of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Vladislav Voloshin said that these villages actually had not been freedbecause they were located on government-controlled territory.

The TSN reporter Anna Bock

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