Paradise offshore: it became known how many Ukrainians appear at the Paradise Papers

68 Ukrainians appear in the international investigation of offshore Paradise Papers.

About it writes DW with reference to the findings of the analytical system YouControl.

Among 68 of Ukrainians – 55 men and 13 women.

According to analysts, with 57 of offshore companies owned by Ukrainians, 27 are registered in the British virgin Islands 11 Bermuda 7 – Malta, 4 on the Isle of man 3 Cayman Islands 3 Seychelles, 1 in UK and 1 in Jersey.

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Two thirds of Ukrainians-founders of offshore companies “the Paradise papers” are the managers or owners of the Ukrainian companies operating in the agricultural, financial, investment, pharmaceutical, transport, energy and it sector.

Details about Paradise Papers read at TSN.ia this link

Offshore enjoyed as a group of companies involved in heavy industry and large-scale production, and small startups that are developing computer programs.

For some types of businesses, particularly in the IT sector, the use of offshore and “napavine” companies in General is vital, because now a large number of international platforms for the delivery of its IT products possible through foreign companies. They receive income in foreign Bank accounts, analysts say.

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