The rebels lost a major battle at Marinka and silenced

The Ukrainian military on the front lines more holiday meals and donated new equipment rejoice in the awards, which are a sign of recognition and respect for their daily heroism and risk of life in the area of ATO. On the day of creation of Armed forces of Ukraine certificates even got to the extreme front of enemy trenches Ukrainian positions near Marinka, says the story TSN.19:30.

There has died down a serious battle, during which the military shot down enemy vehicles and inflicted the damage on the enemy manpower. According to radio intercepts, the rebels had several killed and wounded who were evacuated to the rear under the cover of night. Only after a thrashing from Ukrainian soldiers Pro-Russian bands fell silent and stopped harassing fire and provocative attacks. So APU soldiers got a good opportunity to celebrate and get motivation for next victories.

Video settings the day of the APU fighters in the area ATO do not distract from the service and are waiting for provocations

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:25

For diligent service in the eyes of journalists was awarded with the title already improving senior Sergeant Yaroslav Kondratyuk. He is at the front in 2014, he was wounded twice, survived the fighting in debaltseve, and now protects the Ukraine primarily for the sake of family, and dedicates his award. Soldier Sergey Bosenko at war only six months, but has already received its first award. Her 20-year-old fighter is not going to stop. “General!”, – the voice of the target soldier. And yet the letter he sent his mother to Kiev, so she was happy and proud of his son.

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From Ivan Frankivsk for the second time returned to the front, because nowhere in civilian life did not find such reliable friends. With whom, in spite of the occasion, can withstand high alert, because the headquarters of the ATO have reason to expect provocations from the enemy. According to intercepted information, the rebels are going to fire people in the occupied lands and to blame the Ukrainian army.

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