“Lyse log”: social media users mock the main tree of the country

Social media users reacted critically to the external appearance of the Christmas tree, which began to establish in the city center.

The tree that was towering over unadorned the Sofia area, clearly bald, lost a large number of branches. On the one hand (the one that apparently was in the baggage compartment of the truck) the situation is even worse – it is almost gone lush branches.

“The tree was intended for export to the EU in the form of logs, but apparently the road ran. Meet the main “tree” of the country!”, – ironically said political strategist Vladimir Makarov in Facebook.

His reaction in the network left and the people’s Deputy Borislav Birch.

“Our Kiev Christmas tree. She is so beautiful and fluffy, right? And how she’s different from “Yolka”. Go drink a sedative”, – stated in the message policy.

Also drew attention to the fact that the tree is not level, slanted.

“Photo does not reflect the whole amplitude cocoboot. Not to mention the aspect of environmental responsibility,” – said the expert of PR and advertising Elena Derevianko.

Many other users of social networks, in particular in the comments to the posts, pointed out that to cut down the tree didn’t make any sense. Much better would be to put an artificial tree or fold a Christmas tree from parts of others.


“It’s necessary, cut the tree, dragged many miles to Kiev, in order to make her a beauty! Why all of this. Would make a beautiful collapsible tree, did not destroy the forest and would not put the annual question of what, for what and how to cut such a machine,” wrote one user in the comments.



Video surveillance Sofia area will start to decorate the main tree

TSN. Wounds

Today, 10:05

We will remind, in Kiev on the Sofia area today, December 8, will finally decorate the Christmas tree. The organizers promise the original illumination and a lot of toys.

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