The Venice Commission recommends Ukraine to amend the law on education for the Russian language

The Venice Commission considers that Ukraine should amend the”language” article of the education law.

It is reported by the European true with reference to the press service of the Council of Europe.

Videovigilancia the Commission considered the law of Ukraine on education, which allegedly violated the rights of nationsin

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The Commission believes that the law “provides no solutions for languages that are not official EU languages, in particular Russian”.

“A less positive attitude to these languages it is hard to justify, and the question of discrimination”, – stated in the decision.

The Venice Commission believes that the amendments to the “language article” and replace this provision, a more balanced solution will help to solve the problem.

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Now the law on education stipulates that representatives of national minorities guaranteed the right of education in native language in public institutions of education to receive preschool and primary education, along with the state language.

With the 5th grade, if we are talking about the official language of the EU, minorities can learn “one or more disciplines” in their own language. If we are not talking about official EU language, for example Russian, minorities can only study the language and literature of their minority.

Earlier it was reported that the Venice Commission came to the conclusion that the role of the state language can not be questioned and fully complies with all international legal instruments international and regional organizations. In particular, the main thesis of conclusion is the fact that article 7 is a framework and is subject to further detail, in particular in the Law “On General secondary education”. The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has agreed with this conclusion. Official opinion on the law on education will be published by the Venice Commission on 11 December.

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