Why expensive gasoline. Published a formula that determines prices at the gas station

A few months litre of fuel rose significantly.

As stated in the story TSN.Week, gasoline costs 12 hryvnia. Approximately three hryvnia from the sale of gas stations and earn the traders. Most of the state receives: VAT and excise duty.

From the beginning of 2017 each tonne octane of the mixture taken at 213 euros, as the excise tax is not tied to the local currency. In General, 85% in the price of oil is a monetary bind. In the Ukrainian exchange over the last ten days have seen a significant jump up from 30 UAH to 32 UAH per Euro.

Currency problems – hit consumers. The weaker the hryvnia, the more money you need to collect in Ukraine to buy fuel abroad. Prices in Europe have also warmed up. Black gold under the name Brent is $ 63 per barrel. It puts pressure on the level of gas stations and exchangers.

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Consider it: every ten cents of growth of the exchange rate is eight cents in the price of gasoline. And it happened in the so-called low season, when the refueling must fight for the buyer.

Experts soothe the fact that the price at this level will be fixed for a long time. Gas stations themselves, according to experts, want to sell cheaper and earn on volumes. But there is a real danger that drivers with their own cars, pick up public transport. Now it is widely believed – motorists – the rich because of petrol money you will find at any price – turn into a trick.

Videots.Week found out the reasons for the increase in the cost of fuel

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