Kiev “Golden bus” has made a splash on social networks

In the capital 496-route works bus is an unusual color. His photos in social networks compared to Golden loaf Yanukovych and assume that the fare you have to pay, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Driver Gregory] immediately reveals the color of their bus – it’s not new, drove more than one hundred thousand kilometers, recently capitally repaired and painted. The previous owner and picked up this gorgeous color.

Videosmelissa bus gold color caused a sensation in social networks

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:23

Today the “gold” bus on one of the longest routes of Kiev Lukyanovka from out of town to the famous Pirogov, more than 40 kilometers around. Passengers belong to the “Golden bus” in different ways: someone delighted and said to improve mood and someone neutral and considers it quite normal and its task is just to carry passengers.

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Golden color uncommon among the cars, it is usually allow themselves to rich men from the East. On buses, it seems out of place, but the bus there is another feature – the driver. Reporters in communication with him came to the conclusion that this is the Golden man. “The volunteers with us free ride, how many would not have gone,” says Gregory].

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