Grief-stricken Australian eight weeks living with a dead husband

In Australia a woman almost 8 weeks lived with the body of her dead husband, because he could not accept the loss. The body slowly decayed.

It is reported by the Mandurah Mail.

“Police found the body of 56-year-old man in the hallway of the house, but the woman who, according to law enforcement officers suffering from mental health problems, could not accept his death,” the statement reads.

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However, the police determined that the woman was not involved in the death of her husband. She was sent to the hospital, and the condition identified as negative.

It is reported that the man had serious health problems and died. The woman is about eight weeks could not come to terms with this and anyone about what happened did not. And only when she accepted his death, decided to tell the neighbors who called the police.

The police have restricted the entry of the house because of the biological hazard, because of the high temperatures, the body began to decompose faster.

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