In Australia took a couple that had sex on the beach

In Australia, the eyewitnesses took video of man and woman who were making love in broad daylight on one of the most popular Australian beaches Henely in Adelaide.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The woman in black swimsuit sitting astride the man, around them lay a variety of towels, equipment for swimming and the like. It all happened in the afternoon, under the scorching sun directly on one of the most popular beaches of Australia.

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Video posted to Instagram, after which it gained more than 100 thousand views. Netizens immediately started a completely diverse respond to the video in the comments.

“The woman definitely had a list of things… Let’s be honest, she could bring a tent or at least an umbrella,” reads one comment.

“You can at least go into the water and pretend to be hugging,” said another user.

“Imagine how much of “it” of sand now,” writes another.

“And they say that in Adelaide the problems with the culture,” laughs the user.

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Recall that in Slovakia the Catholic Church is going to sue against the authors of the porn filmthat was shot in the Church of St. Nicholas of prešov.

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