In Warsaw do not consider meeting Poroshenko and Duda breakthrough in exiting the crisis in bilateral relations

The meeting in Kharkov, the presidents of Petro Poroshenko and Andrzej Duda took place against the background of the deterioration of Ukrainian-Polish relations through historical disputes. Observers from neighbouring countries are not in a hurry to draw conclusions about the resolution of the existing problems and found the path to reconciliation, says the story TSN.19:30.

In Warsaw, a trip Duda in Ukraine did not regard as a rapid breakthrough, but only as an important visit in a difficult moment. Some political experts say that the talks at the highest level do not remove from the agenda the need to seek mutual understanding and political elites and society in both countries. “The speeches of the presidents – this was diplomacy on both sides. She testified that it is important for a society, which is important for the second society… is Very important these declarations that this meeting was, but a breakthrough is hard work, but daily work. Official meeting for journalists is so not happening”, – said the head of the Center for analysis of propaganda and disinformation Adam Lelonek.

Videomonitoringa mission and historical issues: what was said by the presidents of Ukraine and Poland in Kharkiv

TSN. 19:30

December 13, 20:18

In Warsaw continuously and aggressively seek admission of guilt UPA crimes in Volyn and the Polish President arrived in Ukraine on the background of the newly appointed Prime Minister Mateusz Moravcova that it is impossible to forget such events as “genocide in Volhynia”, as well as more critical statements of the representative of the Polish foreign Minister, Jan Parys, who said that “the existence of Ukraine is not a necessary condition for the existence of free Poland”.