The main case on the execution of the Maidan was over 80% complete.

The investigation on the main square has been completed by 80%. About it in interview to TV channel ZIK was told by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

Video settings the investigation of Maidan a few sentences, because the leadership of the state is not interested in this – Gorbatyuk

The right to rule

November 30, 23:45

According to him, in the “case of Maidan” there are two large blocks. The first is the accountability of the people who are on the territory of Ukraine. As a rule, the rank and file or middle level performers to order the shooting of Maidan participants. These people are now 280 of them are in the courts.

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The second block of the “case of Maidan” – the middle and top layers of the organizers and executors of crimes, who fled to Moscow or in the occupied territory.

“It was in these cases of Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Yakymenko now the court gives permission in absentia conviction. This means that in the next year for the shooting of the Maidan will start the process and over these three, as well as the process of treason,” – said Lutsenko.

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According to the public Prosecutor, has already completed the investigation of Azarov, Arbuzov, Stavisky and Kluyev.

“So, I can tell – the main cause of the Maidan, and artists and organizers – the investigation has completed eighty percent,” – summed up Lutsenko.

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Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are investigating more than three thousand crimes committed during the Dignity Revolution, which began four years ago, on November 21. The suspicion was reported by 380 persons, of which 239 people were sent indictments to the courts. 48 people were found guilty. Only one person is serving actual time behind bars. And then – aunt, not a law enforcement officer.

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