At the front, the militants continue to peel from the large size and paid for it with their people

Wounded among the Ukrainian soldiers and casualties among the militants. At the front the enemy stops to shoot from large-caliber. Resumed the shelling in the Luhansk region. Russian terrorists fired more than 20 times. Was hottest near Marinka, says the story TSN.19.30.

Videofrag at the front stops hitting with large caliber

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:43

The enemy firing from the extreme streets of Donetsk. The same strelkotni under cover of night, drove a tank. Got to the Marinka, but mostly flew through the positions of the Armed forces of Ukraine, soldier wounded. But for this, saying the army, the militants have paid the price: he was wounded their BMP gunner or the driver.

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As a result of attacks one Ukrainian soldier was taken away with a concussion, the second was badly cut face and shoulder. The stone shelter is not too cherish our children, therefore large caliber military close to the land.

It was restless throughout the front lines. Injured our soldiers in the Luhansk and Sand. The guys here are worried about one thing – not indifferent whether the front-line loss and dry statistics on wounded in the land of peace.

By TSN correspondent Anna Bock

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