Business Onishchenko: the businessman told about the “game” of NABOO, and the conversation with Poroshenko

Ukrainian Deputy Alexander Onishchenko, who is hiding in Spain, criminal responsibility, said the publication “Ukrainska Pravda” that the NABOO pressed on him by his mother’s arrest. They also “played” with the Deputy, not wanting to fly to Spain to direct the conversation and to solve the situation about the tapes, allegedly compromising Petro Poroshenko.

“Initially they (NABU – ed.) were the conditions – they wanted to take my film to Petro Poroshenko. Immediately said I can’t talk or communicate on this subject because I are under criminal prosecution. To me then was the journalist Dmitry gnap, he can confirm,” said he.

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Then he added that manipulation of NABOO was to offer to “remove” all the bad things from the article criminal case according to Onishchenko, and he will just pay the fine and the process will end. The Deputy was confused, but still was ready to act by their rules. However, the situation changed.

“I was ready at that time, there was no decision of the Interpol, I was in limbo. I don’t know what’s coming next. I agreed with them to meet in Spain, but they immediately sent me a request for extradition,” – said Onishchenko.

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TSN. 19:30

9 Feb, 20:53

Then, for a businessman, started the “game” between him and the staff of the NABOO. Onishchenko started procrastinating, and law enforcement, in turn, did not want to fly on a conversation in Spain. According to the policy, they tried to arrange a meeting in London, because from there it is possible to carry out an extradition. Then the officers wanted to arrest the mother Onishchenko, to, in his words, “crush”.

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“I finally convinced them to fly to Spain, asked to speak to my mother, to let her return to Ukraine. Mother also filed to Interpol, they wanted to arrest her to push me. The mother was arrested immediately upon arrival and brought to the Central court of Madrid. Only because the Europeans had all the materials on me let her go”, – said the Deputy.

Told wanted the politician and the alleged conversation with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The journalist of “ck” says Onishchenko gave to hear a recording in which the voice is really similar to him and the President. During the conversation, Poroshenko and Onishchenko discuss their Affairs, and also a Nicholas, calling him a “good guy”. The businessman showed the journalist the transcript of the conversation, but asked not to publish it. According to them, “Kolya” is a gas tycoon Mykola Zlochevsky, whom Onishchenko and Poroshenko discussed in 2016.

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Zlochevsky reportedly tried to solve “their business” through close to Poroshenko Deputy Igor Kononenko. He wanted to solve “global issues”, and Kononenko were only interested in business.

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Onishchenko noted that the records are not passed on to anyone. He thought about how to convey them to the Americans, but then decided not to.

“First the idea was to give the recording to the Americans, but then I changed my mind. I give them only to listen. Don’t keep on removable media. Recently I had a situation, when the night broke into the Spanish house, where I live now. I was at the event. Stole a safe, then the police found him cut in half in the woods around the house. Someone thinks that I keep film in the safe, probably,” he says, showing pictures of cut safe.

Specialised anti-corruption prosecutors say the court ignores the requirements of the Criminal procedure code in the”gas business,” people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko.

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