The U.S. Senate supported the most ambitious in 30 years of tax reform

The Senate of the United States of America supported a large-scale Samui 30 years of tax reforminitiated by President Donald trump and “the Republican party”.

About it reports Reuters.

According to the newspaper, the U.S. Senate supported the reform and referred it for reconsideration to the House of representatives.

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Earlier, the House of representatives has considered a reform, but due to procedural problems, the Republicans rebelled, the law has not passed. After a positive vote of the Senate, the law will consider again, however, doubt the victory of the trump and the introduction of a new tax cut is almost there.

In the Senate, the reform was supported by 51% of the representatives, but 48% of the senators voted against it.

The law provides tax cuts for businesses from 35% to 21%. Also will decrease taxes for individuals and households. Also, simplified tax returns, provide additional benefits and cancel charitable contributions without the consent of the owner of the means.

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However, this applies to American companies, that is, to foreign capital, the reform will entail additional burden. Against the new rules were made by the five European countries with some of the world’s largest economies – Germany, France, UK, Spain and Italy.

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