Career advancement at pshonke and the salary of 51 thousand UAH: the first head of the RRG was told about myself TSN

The state Bureau of investigation of Ukraine with a staff of fifteen hundred was headed by a mysterious novel Pipe. How to work the equivalent of the American FBI in September of next year, the head said in the story TSN.19:30.

According to him, the competence of the RRG will be the investigation of criminal cases against high-ranking officials, including presidents, who have lost their powers, Ministers, deputies, law enforcement officers, including prosecutors and investigators of SAP NABOO, judges and war criminals. “If we are talking about obtaining illegal benefit, is investigating employees of NABU. All other crime investigating GBR”, – said Pipe.

Videoslady Pipe: the new head of the State Bureau of investigation said who will take in the first place

The novel Pipe unexpectedly led a powerful on – analogue of the FBI, the State Bureau of investigation, which wanted even the military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios. The Bureau will work 1500 specialists, work will start in September 2018. And the head Tube of the Novel, particularly about his work in the team Pshonka, asked Dasha Happy.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:32

His victory in the contest on a very powerful competitors, in particular the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, head of the Bureau explained the requirements to the candidate for the position. “Considered my independence in relation to any political forces. My professional experience – passed all stages of the investigator of regional Prosecutor’s office to the chief investigation Department of the gpou,” – he said. Pipe said he plans to clearly distribute responsibilities among the deputies, not to become a kind of “smokescreen” behind which the real powers will have to concentrate in the hands of other officials of the RRG. “I will judge his swing only on the results of their work”, – said the head of the investigative body.

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Also the Pipe has promised to avoid executing any instructions from state authorities. “Really, I was appointed during General Prosecutor Pshonka is the period when the formation of me as a leader,” he replied to the question about the dubious episodes in their work history. Another difficult subject – the property Declaration, in particular the recent purchase of the family estate for a lot in Ukrainian terms, the money apartment and garage is estimated at 80-100 thousand dollars. “Parents, despite the fact that they are retired, work. For 40 years, you can accumulate the money to buy an apartment in Lviv”, – said Pipe. From their wages, the head of the RRG mysteries do not – he will earn about 51 thousand hryvnias.

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