In Kiev, revealed a brutal triple murder

In Kiev, established the suspect in the triple murder of two men, one of whom was beheaded, and women in Darnytskyi district.

This was reported in the capital Department of communication of the police.

“In the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings under article 115 (Premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine, workers of Darnytsia police Department and criminal investigation Department of the Metropolitan police found that the dead men were friends”, – is spoken in the message.

According to law enforcement officers, suspected of three murders a local resident, previously convicted for robbery and murder, was released from prison in March 2017.

“When I returned home after liberation, the Kievan learned that 34-year-old local resident, with whom he was acquainted, robbed the apartment of his mother. On Sunday, the attacker met him on the beach near the lake, killed him and beheaded with an axe. Then use his mobile phone agreed about a meeting by the river with an accomplice appartment and killed him, “he told police.

In addition, the attacker ruthlessly dealt with the mother of his friend, because a woman saw him when he came to visit. 63-year-old mother with a disability found in the apartment with multiple stab wounds.

Earlier, police uncovered a terrible murder in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev. 29 September in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv found the body without a head. The man’s body without head found workers of heating systems in the dug out for repairs pit. Then it was reported that the corpse lay there for about a week.

“This man is a lodger of the deceased from Kiev, they lived together. This man did not appear among the people and was clearly hiding. Subsequently, we detained him and taken to the police Department, to find out his involvement in the event. According to this man, that day they were drinking in the apartment, got into a fight and during the conflict, the tenant stabbed landlord to the head. Then left home, and when I came back, the landlord was already dead,” say police.

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