Klimkin has compared Russia with the voracious crocodiles and the school bully

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin warned Europe against attempts at “pacification” of Russia. He compared the policy of “pacification” in an attempt to feed the crocodile hoping to be the last one he eats”. About this Klimkin wrote in the column published on Friday, December 22, for site Zeit Online.

Video tip of Europe is trying to prevent Russia’s withdrawal from the organization

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Speaking about Russia’s behavior, in particular, regarding the Council of Europe, Klimkin compared it with the behavior of the school bullies. A proposal by European politicians that “the time has come to return Russia from its isolation”, according to klimkina, reminiscent of the behavior of the victims of bullies – they give him their candy, but this only encourages him to continue his behavior.

“Like any typical bully with Russia can only speak from a position of strength, because she doesn’t understand another language. Her words and promises are meaningless, because it is a country that has made a systematic lie, part of its government policy to achieve its objectives and confusion of their enemies. We need to remember that the enemies we” – wrote Klimkin in his column.

Ukrainian Minister urges Council of Europe to be strong in complying with its principles, otherwise it risks to discredit them. The return of Russia to the Council of Europe could also encourage other countries to behave like Russia.

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