How to learn to save. Effective advice of a therapist and a financial Advisor

Ukrainian family differs from the European or American concepts of the household budget and expenditure planning.

As reported in the story TSN.Week, only 1% of Ukrainians have saved a year of comfortable life. Every tenth was postponed for a month, about the same lumped in two weeks. Half of the people live from paycheck to paycheck with zero in the accounts of the loans.

Angela’s Lozan – psychotherapist and founder of the women’s school believes that our relationship with money – almost a love triangle. We are committed to them, and they always run to the price and the communal. In psychology it’s called poverty. According to her, money does not like negative attitudes. She is convinced that you need to tune your brain on wealth. Money back to those who truly loves. “Imagine that you are sleeping with the money. Undress completely, oblezenie all the money you have, and go to sleep. The energy level just increases the love, desire, and financial flows “, – said Angela of Losan.

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Agnostically recognizes Maxim Snihur. His approach to increased cash flow more practical. He’s 10 years working in financial consulting. In his opinion, planning is the goal, without which it would be a disaster. It offers a sheet of paper draw three lines. The first is revenue, the second expenses and the third savings or the so-called airbag.

All your expenses need to be written on paper, in the app on the phone. Habits extract a substantial part of the budget. For example, it is necessary to calculate the cost of a daily coffee, sweets, taxis and the like.

We should accustom ourselves to save. To gather up with of UAH 5 thousand to do so: 1 number lay one hryvnia, on the second day – two hryvnia, the third – three and so on. Therefore, a month will of 465 USD. Over 12 months obtained 5580 hryvnia. However, we need to learn self-discipline.

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