The military showed TSN consequences of disrupted the armistice in the Crimea

The truce, again not working. Has not passed also two days as the enemy in the Donbass was struck with heavy mortars on positions of the Ukrainian defenders. This time in Luhansk. The film crew of TSN returned from the Crimean.

Fresh-cut up the trees and craters, it’s a little dusted with snow. The night before mine tightly lay close positions. The military say that the minutes were up to 40 units. And this, mind you the military, on the night of 25 December, while the regime of silence declared from 12 midnight on the 23rd.

“For the time that I’m here prabhuvu, this is not the first truce, but the enemy continues to shoot,” – said the military.

Easter, bread, school, and Christmas… only official premire during the war was 12, and only this year is the fourth. They all typically go the same way – the first days of a relative lull, then on the rise and in a week or two starts a full war.

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So it was, said the Baron, this time. Perked up a little fire for several hours and the heavy fire these days truce.

“This powerful, for lasted about 2 hours and there were about 40 min 82 calibre – a powerful shower on the heads of our defenders,” – says the head of the press center of ATU “Lugansk” Lana Borisova.

But provocation, explains the commander position, it is in the shape as soon as the armistice was announced, and the party night deliberately shines in the direction of our holding Midfielders.

“Shine the lights for what, to psychological pressure on our soldiers, showing its presence constantly” – say military.

On weekdays at them ahead of the curve for a long time would have worked, but not now. From Saturday our army is silent. Only once on the eve of war were forced to answer it on mine, but fire from smaller caliber – LNG. Military I hope at least the new year holiday they will not spoil.

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