Experts do not exclude the full depreciation of bitcoin

The price of bitcoin could fall to zero if he will be used as a means of payment, experts say.

The results of market research of cryptanalytic specialists shared with customers in a special research note – UKRINFORM with reference to the publication Business Insider.

The reason for a possible decline in the exchange rate of bitcoin can be that to accept it as means of payment is now ready only one.

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Of the 500 largest global online retailers as a means of payment bitcoin take only three players. This fact, say analysts, suggests that the currency may depreciate.

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Almost for the first time in the history Sedanca information has changed faster than we have time to collect it. Yesterday, the bitcoin exchange rate fell by 10 %. Its value decreased from 20 to 16 and a half thousand dollars. And these fluctuations happen all the time. In recent years, the cost of bitcoin has increased 20 times! And it has become an attractive tool for investment. Digital currency have made many people billionaires. What is the phenomenon of these e – money Breakfast tried to find out.

Snidanok 1+1

22 Dec, 10:37

The depreciation will also contribute to the low trading volume of cryptocurrencies. Daily trading volume of Bitcoin is now around $ 3 billion, while the average daily trading volume in the global foreign exchange market is approximately $ 5.4 trillion, the newspaper writes. Can boast network and large volume of transactions: daily transaction volume bdon is $ 300 million, while based on the system

We will remind: last week the bitcoin exchange rate fell by a third.

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