With family and in yellow: the MPs revealed their plans for new year’s eve

A majority of MPs who have agreed to share with reporters their plans for new year’s eve, admitted that they would have her in the family circle. Someone hopes for a romantic evening with his wife, and someone is going to visit parents, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“At home with family. Like all normal people: champagne, cake, congratulations,” admitted Kotvitsky. “I will be the most expensive – my wife and little Bunting Zlatochka,” said Gavrilyuk. “It should be magical, unforgettable. It will be new year’s eve with my wife,” said Goncharenko.

Videonarezka the deputies told about their plans for new year’s eve

The MPs admitted that the conduct of the New year will be with family, and also talked about family traditions and funny stories that happened to them in the new year’s eve.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:31

MP Birch said that once he celebrated the holiday with fireworks, and it turned into a big joke. “Apparently not very well secured – the next five minutes he lay, head in her hands. And the fireworks around us was raging,” recalled the politician. But Ostrikova, as befits a woman, the fire was only looking at colors of clothing. “Put the yellow color – it does not suit me. Decided to take the dress bright and shiny and gold”, she confessed.

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Easily willing to trade a noisy celebration at the time with the parents of other MPs. “We have a family tradition on this day is to drop everything and tend to the parental home,” – said Litvin. “My mom is 93, so we need every year to be together,” – said the Deputy Taruta.

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