The national Bank established the first exchange rates already for the year 2018. Infographics

The national Bank of Ukraine set the official exchange rates for Monday, January 1 2018.

The US dollar will rise by 12 cents and its course will be of 28.06 UAH.

The Euro will add 25 cents and will cost 33,49 UAH.

Earlier , the regulator promised that the established today, December 28, exchange rates will apply from 29 December 2017 3 January 2018, inclusive. However, the NBU has something changed courses and are now exhibited on 1 January.

Recall that in the budget for 2017 laid down the dollar to 27.2 UAH. In the state budget for the 2018 laid a course to 29.3 UAH per dollar.

The government announced such currency forecasts: the exchange rate of the hryvnia (average per year) in 2018 will amount to 29.3 UAH per dollar, in 2019 – 30.5 UAH per dollar in 2020 – 31 UAH per dollar.

Ukrainian business expects that in the next year, the exchange rate will be at 27 to 30 UAH per dollar. This is evidenced by the survey among entrepreneurs, held by the NBU.

Throughout its history, the hryvnia has set the record almost three years ago – February 26, 2015 in NBU official exchange United States dollar amounted to 30.01 UAH, and the Euro – 34,04 UAH.

The US dollar exchange rate of the NBU

The Euro exchange rate of the NBU

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