Brazilian Ken admitted that it was not similar to the famous doll and you have abandoned your “title”

Brazilian Rodrigo Alves has made more than fifty plastic surgeries to look like Ken doll, boyfriend of Barbie. But now the man admitted that the resemblance to Ken, he now does not have, therefore, decided to renounce his “title”.

This publication reports the Metro.

“I’m not like a Ken doll, and when people call me Ken, I want to get rid of this label. I agree that Ken and Barbie are a perfect shape male and female bodies, but the nickname has been pushing me doesn’t reflect who I really are,” said Alves.

He added that he never presented himself as a man who wants to look like a toy. The Alves were difficult to deal with that label, but in 2018 he is going to finally show who is really is.

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“It’s always annoyed me from day one. I didn’t have the strength to have something to do with it, but in 2018 I will finally get a chance to demonstrate who you really are – and it’s not a Ken doll,” says Rodrigo Alves.

The man is going in 2018 to show themselves in a new light. He wants to take the emphasis on plastic surgery, focusing on show business. In the following year Rodrigo will launch your own talk show. He added that he wants to do with his career.

However, another medical intervention to their appearance Brazilian Ken will carry out: he will remove four ribs to make the waist thinner.

Recall, Rodrigo Alves from Brazil, who is known worldwide as the “Real Ken“spoke about how he became what he became.

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