Headphones, candle holder and phone: the strange things that doctors have pulled out of women’s vaginas in 2017

The safety Commission consumer products USA has compiled a list of the most obscure and curious items that had to pull out of of women and men looking for new sexual sensations, during 2017, reports The Mirror.

That’s what classes in my vagina. went to doctors women:

1. Scented soap

2. Cover deodorant

3. Cap from a bottle

4. Cock a cock ring with spikes

5.Silicone beads. The patient said, “You know what happens when a person leaves town”

6. The ball

7. Bicycle light reflector

8. Normal sponge to the patient “during the month could swim”

9. Headphones

10. Hot towel

11. The guy put into the vagina of the girl phone and money during sex

12. Clay

13. Candle holder

14. Lollipop

15. The patient used vaginal massage balls, when the thread with 15 balls exploded. She was able to find only 14

16. Toy magic wand.

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As noted, the average length of a vagina is 9.6 cm, which makes some of the findings even more ridiculous.

However, not only women surprised doctors with similar findings. Of the men the doctors had to remove no less interesting items:

1. The little screw

2. Prickly toy

3. Four-inch sex toy made of metal

4. Plastic spoon

5. Part of the Domino

6. A bottle of shampoo

7. One of the patients stuck in the urethra with a paper clip that went through the member through

8. A network cable.

Recall that the doctors also told about the most ridiculous injuries during sex. Among them burns genitals girl for the hot sauce in the food, which was eaten by her partner before oral sex, and trauma because of the huge potatoes in the anus.

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