Walker said in any case, the United States could lift sanctions against Russia

The USA sanctions are applied against Russia in the part of non-compliance with the Minsk agreements would be lifted if Ukrainian sovereignty was restored, and the Minsk agreement executed.

This was announced by the special representative of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker, Interfax reported.

“The most severe sanctions were imposed on Russia for failure to comply with the Minsk agreements, and if Russia withdrew from the Donbas, the provisions of the Minsk agreements was applied, and we would see the restoration of the sovereignty of Ukraine, then the sanctions would be removed,” he said.

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Walker added that against Russia were applied to different groups of sanctions.

“There are sanctions imposed for the annexation of Crimea. There are sanctions imposed after the invasion of the Donbass. There are sanctions under the Magnitsky act”. There are sanctions for Russia’s intervention in the American elections. And it’s all different groups of sanctions,” he explained.

Videocart Walker said the attack by militants Novoluganskogo attempt of Russia to disrupt the Minsk agreement

This was stated by the special representative of state Department on Affairs Kurt Volker. At the conference of the Atlantic Council of the United States, he noted that the establishment of direct contacts with the militants will only prolong the war. Then, as the UN peacekeeping mission – the only way to finish it.

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20 Dec, 12:23

Earlier, the special representative of the United States of America in Ukraine Kurt Volker said that sanctions against Russia should continue its action for greater pressure. According to him, the unity of Europe and America in this matter is crucial. Indeed, in this case, the Kremlin is not able to create in Ukraine a Pro-Russian force. But joint efforts have helped to create strong anti-Russian government.

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