Trump had perfectly chosen the time for arming Ukraine – The Washington Post

The President of the United States Donald trump is a perfect timing for making a decision on granting Ukraine lethal weapons. This is stated in an editorial The Washington Post – the newspaper, known for criticizing the leadership of the United States.

“The trump in a few months doubted whether to give defensive weapons to Ukraine, but when she finally moved to action, the timing is perfect. In mid-December, the aggression by Russian-led forces has increased sharply: heavy artillery and missile shelling was openly denied the assertion that the three-year Moscow intervention in Donetsk and Lugansk regions moved to the stage of frozen conflict. It was rumored that Vladimir Putin is seen in the escalation in Ukraine a way to consolidate domestic support ahead of presidential elections in Russia in March,” the material reads the Washington publication.

Videobay house approved the sale of lethal weapons Ukraine

The US state Department has approved a commercial license for export to Ukraine sniper rifles “Barrett”, their ammunition and all the necessary parts and accessories with a value of 41.5 million dollars. At the same time, the document says nothing about the selling of heavy weapons, particularly anti-tank systems “javelin”, the supply of which had previously asked the Ukrainian government.

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December 21, 2017, 09:00

The authors stressed that this type of aid should not be exaggerated, however, they should be sufficient in order to put Moscow in an awkward situation. “The decision of the President of the trump to provide the armed forces of Ukraine anti-tank missiles “javelin” and coordinate the sale of sniper rifles will not stop the Russian offensive, if it is going to take place, but it may force Putin to take a pause. This is a worthy application of the principle of “peace through strength” by President Ronald Reagan, from which the trump, by his own admission, excited. Putin needs to realize that his aggression, or in Ukraine, or in cyberspace, were rebuffed and would entail significant losses for him. The number of American weapons, which Ukraine will receive, modest. But officials call these weapons “patches” because they fill a key weakness in the defence of the country. On the Eastern front, the Ukrainian military is threatened daily by enemy snipers. Now they will be able to use the sniper system M107A1 that the US sell them to even the odds with the enemy. Similarly, “Javelin” unable to destroy Russian tanks in the event of a new offensive and to force the Kremlin to weigh the potential losses of Russian soldiers in Ukraine that the Kremlin as before deny”, – believe the journalists of the Washington Post.

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The authors also remembered a previous President of the United States Barack Obama. “By endorsing the authorization of the sale of weapons Ukraine, Mr. trump withdrew from the position of President Barack Obama, who dismissed suggestions from the advisers and pressure from Congress to provide Kiev lethal weapons. Obama stressed that the delivery to Ukraine weapons will only lead to further escalation by Russia. Finally, we’ll see if such a justification is clever, or just an excuse for inaction. Yet Moscow’s reaction was muted. The Ministry of foreign Affairs has announced the expected protests, but nothing is heard from Mr. Putin. This week, the big exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russian separatists passed without surprises, and the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov agreed during a telephone conversation that the peace talks must continue. As soon as the Potemkin presidential elections in Russia on March 18 will remain in the past for Putin, maybe he will have a reason to come to the conclusion that the already shelled in Donetsk and Lugansk. Pay tribute to the administration of tramp – it is clearly given to understand, in particular with speakers Secretary of state Tillerson in the “new York times” that the normalization of us-Russian relations will not take place without a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine”, – stated in the newspaper.

“Based on the statements of Mr. Putin, the administration trump and America’s European allies offer to negotiate the terms of international peacekeepers who may be deployed in the East of Ukraine after Russia’s withdrawal. If Mr. Putin really wants to restart relations with the West, he will get the opportunity to do so. If not, it will be good that Ukraine will have more resources to defend themselves”, – concluded the authors.

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