In Volhynia ceased coal mining in the public mine

On the mine No. 9 “ipb” SE “Volynugol” stopped production.

About this on their page Facebook said the head of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets.

“As reported to me by Basil Gura, Chairperson of the npgu primary organization of the mine №9 “ipb”, today the company has stopped coal production. And “the reason is simple – nothing to work with.” The mine worked three lava. Last week was hardly produced one. And now it stopped production – no teeth on the harvester. Appointed two weeks ago by the CEO of SOE “Volynugol” Andrew San Jose, “knows what deals”. In a telephone conversation, the CEO said Vasily Gur that he knows about the situation at the ninth shaft. He announced he would be meeting with Mr Verinym “looking” in the mines of the Lviv-Volyn basin. And hopes that something will help,” – said Wolyniec.

Gura also said that “the mine has accumulated arrears of wages – miners of promgrupp fully paid off in November of last year, and non-industrial employees – paid only in August,” he was quoted Volynets.

This mine is located in the town of Novovolynsk of Volyn region. Started to work in 1963.

Earlier, the OSCE reported that about 40 mines in the Donbas are not subject to exploitation.

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