Kurchenko sold Onishchenko right to “Yanukovych’s money” – the investigation Al Jazeera

The oligarchs Onishchenko and Fuchs acquired the fugitive Serhiy Kurchenko’s company, which owns 160 millions of dollars of frozen assets of former President Yanukovych.

This is stated in the Al Jazeera investigation, reports “Economic truth”.

At the disposal of channel proved a contract under which Alexander Onishchenko and Pavel Fuks is the parties to the illegal transaction.

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Other documents indicate that the seller was Sergey Kurchenko – Ukrainian gas tycoon, fugitive, known as “wallet” or “accountant” of Yanukovych.

According to the text of the contract in 2015 Onishchenko and Fuchs paid nearly $ 30 million (in the proportions 67% and 33%, respectively) for the Cyprus company Limited Quickpace.

The company held bonds in the amount of $ 160 million and cash that has been frozen by a Ukrainian court as they were obtained by criminal means.

It is reported that the buyers wanted to profit of $ 130 million trying to unfreeze the assets.

In paragraph 4.4 of the contract States that “the parties undertake jointly to adopt measures for removal of arrest from accounts of Quickpace Limited”.

Onishchenko did not see anything wrong in the acquisition of a company specializing in frozen assets.

“You can buy [the asset] is cheap and to try to solve the problem to earn money”, – he said, “al-Jazeera”.

Onishchenko confirmed the role of Fuchs and Kurchenko in the agreement, but denied that the transaction took place.

However, the Cypriot lawyer and NEB, who worked on the agreement, confirmed that the sale was Quickpace, and documents of the company record the transfer of ownership of one of the companies of the Fuchs.

At the disposal of “al-Jazeera” is the record, which indicates the initial contribution of 2 million dollars from the account in Barclays Bank on the other, Latvian Norvic Banka.

Currently, Quickpace belongs Evermore Property Holdings Limited, a Cypriot company, which in turn belongs to the Dorchester International Incorporated. The last owner – Pavel Fuks.

Documents obtained by al Jazeera show that the clan of Yanukovych transferred the stolen money into Bank accounts in Latvia, and then to dozens of offshore companies in Cyprus, Belize, British virgin Islands and even in the UK.

“The philosophy of money laundering was to create a situation where money was moved through a lot of different companies and countries, then it is almost impossible to reproduce the track,” said bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital.

The name of Yanukovych never appeared on any of the documents.

The company was recorded on nominee Directors – characters who simply acted on behalf of the real owner.

“Now there is a very strong resistance from the elite who is in power, and the more we investigate, the more we face this resistance,” said “al-Jazeera” Director NABS Sytnyk.

“The Parliament is taking steps to take control of the leadership of the Agency for the fight against corruption,” he added.

We will remind, in November of 2017, the NAB said that about 156,8 million dollars that belonged to the company Quickpace Limited associated with people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko was arrested by the court in may 2016 on accounts in JSC “Sberbank” in the framework of investigation of the so-called “gas business”.

Onishchenko does not recognize his involvement in Quickpace Limited.

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