In Kiev brought a piano which survived the war in a kindergarten in the Sand

TSN journalists and military rescued a piano that can survive powerful attacks in the village of Sands under Donetsk, says the story TSN.19:30.

Tool three and a half years stood in the kindergarten “snowdrop”. The keys are working, it is broken and covered with dust, but it’s hardly the only thing that survived in the building during the war.

Video settings the Metropolitan Museum delivered a unique piano since kindergarten, which is three years fire fighters

Three and a half years of war in a kindergarten in the village of Sands were able to survive a piano. The tool is completely beat up, covered with dust, he lost his voice, but the journalists of TSN and the military decided a piano to save and move to the Museum.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:08

Piano has agreed to identify in the Museum. The soldiers wiped the dust from the instrument and brought out the labels, leaving a message for future generations. When will come the time of peace, children will be able to take it back to your kindergarten.

Tool with Petrosino of the building carried two dozen fighters. Specially Pregnana Oise he was taken to Kiev.

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The piano arrived already dark, after 14 hours on the road. Usually at this time the Museum of history of Ukraine no longer works, but for the sake of this piece here all woke up, turned the alarm off and turned on the light.

The piano was in the exposition, and again among the toys collected from the broken homes of Donbass.

Now the wounded war tool only groans, but the Museum Director has promised to bring it in.

Natalia Nagornaya and Eugene Zvecanska

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