The world Bank has updated its economic forecasts for Ukraine for three years

Over the next three years the economy of Ukraine will demonstrate the gradual growth from 2018 to 3.5%, in 2019 – 4%, in 2020 – 4%.

This updated forecast from the world Bank. However, it is the same as the forecast, which was published in the international financial institution six months ago.

“The geopolitical tension in Ukraine, tougher sanctions against Russia and aggravation of relations with the European Union may deter international investors and have a negative impact on economic growth in the region,” warned the world Bank.

At the same time, the growth of Ukraine’s GDP for 2017, the world Bank estimated in 2%. Earlier , the national Bank noted that the pace of growth of real GDP consistent with his estimate of 2.2%. However, the increased risks that the growth of real GDP by the end of 2017 may be somewhat lower than the forecast published in the Inflation report of the regulator.

Recall the other predictions about the growth of the Ukrainian economy in 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers provides for 3%, national Bank up 3.2%, the IMF’s 3.2 per cent.

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