A new panel of judges in Kharkiv refused to process Neelie Shtepa

Kharkiv Collegium of judges consisting of Eugene Olkhovsky, Vyacheslav Evtifyeva and Angelica Grimailo recused himself in the case, the defendant ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nelia Shtepa. The basis of this decision, called the investigation by the Kharkiv regional Prosecutor’s office upon receipt of judges of Lenin regional court of Kharkov improper benefits during a trial.

In their statement, the three judges said that such “circumstances raise doubts about the possibility of impartial consideration of all the judges of Lenin regional court the criminal proceedings against the accused Shtepa,” and judge Evtifeev, which is displaced from the ATO area and has immediate family there, refuses to participate in the process because of fear for life and health of their relatives.

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Protection of the accused and upheld the rejection of the Board. However, the Kharkiv regional Prosecutor’s office claim that did not influence the judges ‘ decision. A source in law enforcement agencies reported that criminal proceedings referred to by the Council of the rejection, appeared in October of last year because of a change the measure of restraint for the defendant contrary to the requirements of the legislation. In a press-service of Prosecutor’s office explained that they understand the weariness on the part of the process, which lasted, however, can not react properly on the obvious violations, though it gives grounds to complain about even more delays.

Video settings the New year will be the first trial of the ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nely Shtepy

The previous meeting scheduled for 19 December, was not held due to the absence of supernumerary case on terrorism and separatism. Shtepa simply refused to come into the building, allegedly due to threats to her life. Inside the meeting, waiting for public activists. The case of the former mayor of Slavyansk, Kharkov listening for the fourth year. Nelly Shtepa guilt does not recognize.

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