Early elections, a new leader, and economic reforms. What the stars foretell Ukraine to 2018

Astrologers believe that heavenly bodies do “weather” on Earth. The “nature” earth Dog the next 12 months will influence the Uranium.

“Uranium stability is not, he carries the reform, innovative methods, the possibilities that using, our government can make some useful programs for countries that will affect the economy, and any resources,” astrologer Olena Osipenko.

2018 will bring economic reforms and will help to save money, however, you should not relax, say the visionaries. Confrontation in the East will continue, and key political changes will begin next month.

“Most likely, elections will be. We have two cards in an upright position, which suggests that there will be some unification of certain forces, which will be beneficial for 2018 to begin the destruction of the system. Are large a lot of money in it, they are ready and this saving will not be”, – convinces the tarragon Olga Strips.

The table of Pythagoras, the magic square of dürer and mathematical scheme. A new leader among the numbers “see” numerology Ludmila Zhukova.

The new leader will be in 2018. Last year I got him figured out, he was 42 years old, this year 43. I already suspect who might become the new leader, that leader who will come, will arrange a small part of the population of Ukraine”, – said Lyudmila Zhukova.

And while politicians will try to decide the fate of the country – psychics advise Ukrainians to pay attention to health and family relationships.

“So, 2018 is the year of the earth dog. She loves all cozy, all natural, and most importantly, it is the dog, which digs burrows. And mink is actually our family, our amulets, our values,” added Simona Borodina, esoteric.

Stargazers say, the dog will take care of all the signs, but if it is not teasing. She’s just such a bite. Whether justified the predictions of soothsayers, will know soon. But one thing is clear – all changes depend primarily on us.

Victoria Dmitrenko

Videomovie leader, and economic reforms: what the stars foretell Ukraine to 2018 year

TSN has turned to the astrologers, numerologists and soothsayers to ask what to expect of the Ukrainians in the new year. As it turned out, in 2018, the country will face political and economic changes.

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