In the SBU said, where it hides Carpenter

The former leader of the so-called “LNR” Igor Carpenter located in Russia.

This was announced by the chief of staff to the head of SBU Igor Guskov, reports Public radio.

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In occupied Luhansk FSB arrested the associates Carpenter

“According to our materials, Carpentry is in the territory of the Russian Federation. And that is all I can say. Because I can tell much, but it is better to show specific materials, ” he said.

In particular, after the statement about the “retired” Carpenter, some media wrote that he went to Russia, but confirmation of this information was not.

Videots.Week explored the struggle for power in the LC between a Cornet and Carpentry

TSN. Week

On 26 November 2017, 20:03

We will remind, on November 21, the center of the occupied Lugansk blocked by men with guns. Local social networks said the reason for the conflict between the leader “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky and the head of the so-called “Ministry of internal Affairs of LNR” Igor Cornet. The fight started a month ago – Carpenter, accused the Cornet that he could not prevent some acts of sabotage against the militants. And asked him to leave illegally seized from a luganchanka apartment. Carpenter through the so-called court released Cornet. And then he barricaded himself in his office in the company of former Berkut officers. The building, and along the entire center of the occupied city, was surrounded by supporters Carpenter on the armored vehicles with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.

The evening of November 21 there was video as in the occupied Lugansk came a large convoy of trucks and military from Donetsk. The video shows that the column has dozens of cars. 22 Nov Igor Kornet, who declared himself “head of the interior Ministry LNR” reported that in Lugansk is underway to eliminate the remnants of the great “subversive groups”that went to the region for a long time and “a single blow to eliminate it did not happen.”

On 23 November it became known that the leader “LNR” Igor Carpenter left the occupied Lugansk and arrived in Moscow. In a Network published video Carpenter arrive to Moscow. In the Russian capital the head of the Luhansk terrorists arrived with a small bag.

The evening of 24 November, it became known that Igor Plotnitsky is no longer the leader of the militants “LNR”. This was stated by “the head of the Ministry of state security of LPR” Leonid beekeeper and said that he would be acting “head of the Republic”.


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