“Blue Monday”: humanity has survived the most depressing day of 2018

15 January was the most depressing day of the year. This conclusion was made by counting developed by British scientists in 2005.

This day is also called “blue Monday”, reports the Sun.

To determine the date of “blue Monday” consider several factors: the weather, the level of spending (in particular, the difference between debt and solvency), the amount of time from Christmas, the length of the solar day,” said the scientists.

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“blue Monday” is different from the other days of depressive mood, bad decisions, low level of motivation.

This date is not necessarily the third Monday of January, although most of it is. Several times the “blue Monday” comes at the end of January.

Recall, social media users launched flashmob called #faceofdepression. They share their stories about dealing with depression and post their photo taken for some time before suicide attempt.

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