Lutsenko told which classified specefication and why Yanukovych won’t be able to return 1.5 billion

The Kramatorsk court decision on special confiscation of 1.5 billion hryvnia in the environment deprived the title of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who are trying to recover a criminal gang, was classified not to call, which enterprises investigated.

This was stated by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko during a meeting of the Committee on homeland security Welcome.

Videouri Lutsenko commented on the article “al-Jazeera” to allow the confiscation of the money Yanukovych

More confiscated money to the budget announces Yuriy Lutsenko. At the Committee meeting of the national security Council, the Prosecutor General has commented on loud material the Qatari newspaper “al Jazeera” about the scandal with the confiscation of the money of Viktor Yanukovych.

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“Why do we classify the decision of the court of Kramatorsk? Because at the same time the Prosecutor’s office continues the investigation of dozens of cases of an organized criminal group of Yanukovych in different configurations, with various economic crimes. The decision of the court of Kramatorsk there are hundreds of business entities through which Yanukovych conducted his criminal activities. The declassification of this information will complicate the investigative and search operations, including a secret, work on the beneficiaries of these structures,” he explained.

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According to Lutsenko, he decided to classify the court’s decision not to help the participants of the criminal scheme of the 500 enterprises to avoid, to hide, to counteract the consequence of other criminal proceedings.

“If the conditional Sidorenko, who collaborated with the Yanukovych, will know that his company is in this list, of course, he is protected from eavesdropping, relieving him of telecommunications and things like that much more than when he does not know”, – said the Prosecutor General.

Besides, the head of the GPU noted that there were at least three instances of 1.5 billion hryvnia or part of the seized amount could disappear.

“There have been many attempts to adopt a decision, by which just withdraw this money. If we did not do it during April of last year, I have no doubt that most of the funds would be… derived from custody. To return the money, the criminals will not succeed for one simple reason. Current law provides that consideration of the approval of the transactions of a member of a criminal organization, which the evidence to senior management and OPG pays a certain payment to the state budget for its actions, is only part of the Prosecutor, who makes a deal, and his lawyers. The attempts of the offshore companies that have worked with OPG Yanukovych, or now has changed owners and is trying to become innocent, encountered the Ukrainian law, which makes impossible their involvement in the abolition of such decisions”, – he stressed.

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Lutsenko also noted that this is not a Ukrainian know-how, and so the system works throughout the European Union, and expressed doubt that offshore companies will be able to return the funds through the European court of human rights.

“The European court of human rights in this situation is unlikely to fit these figures, as all procedures of Ukrainian legislation were strictly adhered to during the decision of the court. Therefore, the attacker remains the only option – to conduct a campaign to discredit the actions of the Prosecutor and the decision of Kramatorsk court and try to take away the Ukrainian state their criminally obtained funds according to the decision of foreign jurisdictions,” – said the Prosecutor General, who said that “the car is discredit” now works in the media, Parliament and in society.

Recall, on 10 January, Al Jazeera published the text of Kramatorsk court decision on special confiscation, which has been kept secret because the state secret. In the document, in particular, outlined the scheme of withdrawal of money from Ukraine by Yanukovych’s circle.

According to the investigation, the then President of Ukraine helped bring $ 1.5 billion investment company of the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva Investment Capital Ukraine (ICU).

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